Monday, 29 June 2020



Last week on Friday at my school we celebrated Matariki. How we celebrate Matariki is that on one day of the week we will go to different classes and we would do Matariki things like cooking, baking, art and craft or sports. But why do we celebrate Matariki? We celebrate because of the star constellation that rises up into the sky in the mid-winner, we also celebrate Matariki because it is a start to a new Maori year. 

On Friday after school assembly my class went back inside the class and we waited for the teacher. When she told us where to go and then we got school bags and went. I was with some of my friends and my teacher Mrs Tele'a. I was in cooking and art and craft, but I really wanted to be in sports. In that class we were learning how to do your role and how to be a good host. I learned when people come to your house you can ask them if they need anything.

What was your highlights of the day?

My highlights of that day was how we got to create stars and with my team and playing with my friends.

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