Monday, 11 December 2017

Thakn you card

Hi my name is Terapi and this is my last blog post for the year of 2017. This year has been going very good and I just want to say thank you to my teachers and friends this year and Merry Christmas to you all.    

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Monday, 4 December 2017

Incy Wincy Spider

This year in term 4 we have been learning about musical madness and in our animation we had to animate an animation for the juniors to enjoy.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Subtraction revision

Subtract!   Break up the hundreds, tens and ones...

44 - 23
54 - 28
54 - 20 = 34
34 - 8 = 26
81 - 39
81 - 30 = 51
51 - 9 = 42
141 - 25
155 - 26
155 - 20 = 135
135 - 6 = 129
326 - 18
326 - 10 = 316
316 - 8 = 308
Sala has 46 points on a playstation game. 214 points is the high score. How many more points does he need to reach the high score?
214 - 40 = 201
201 - 6 = 195
154 - 69
154 - 60 = 94
94 - 9 = 85
Tommy had 121 lollies from Halloween. He ate 45 lollies. How many does he have left?
121 - 40 =81
81 - 5 = 76

Monday, 13 November 2017


Add!   Break up the hundreds, tens and ones...
34 + 15
56 + 36
56 + 36 =
56 + 30 = 86
86 + 6 = 92
123 + 56
45 + 38
45 + 30 = 75
75 + 8 =  83
124 + 69
124 + 60 = 184
184 + 9 = 193
91 + 36
91 + 30 = 121
121 + 6 = 127
138 + 25
138 + 20 = 158
158 + 5 = 163
Pua ate 37 corn chips. Later he ate 75 hot chips. How many chips did he eat that day?
37 + 70 = 107
107 + 5 = 112
Sala has 129 Pokemon cards and his brother has 34. How many cards do they have all together?
129 + 30 = 159
159 + 4 = 163

Manaiakalani Film Festival comment

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Julie's Race

Free photo: Dogs, Sled, Team, Dogsled, Teamwork - Free Image on ...

    he dogsled race was about to begin. Julie’s team of dogs was lined up at the starting gate. Julie stood behind them. The air was so cold that she could see her breath. Other teams were lined up, too, and the dogs were excited. Julie kept her eyes on the clock. At exactly ten o’clock, she and the other racers yelled, "Mush!" The dogs knew that meant "Go!" They leapt forward and the race began!

Julie had trained months for this race, and she hoped she and her dogs would win. Hour after hour, day after day, Julie’s dogs pulled the sled in order to get in shape for the race.

Now, they ran over snowy hills and down into frozen valleys. They stopped only to rest and eat. They wanted to stay ahead of the other teams. The racers had to go a thousand miles across Alaska. Alaska is one of the coldest places on Earth. The dogs’ thick fur coats helped keep them warm in the cold wind and weather. In many places along the route, the snow was deep. Pieces of ice were as sharp as a knife. The ice could cut the dogs’ feet. To keep that from happening, Julie had put special booties on their feet.

At first, the dogs seemed to pull the sled very slowly. They were still getting used to the race. But on the third day out, they began to pull more quickly. They worked as a team and passed many of the other racers. Once, one of the sled’s runners slid into a hole and broke. Julie could have given up then, but she didn't. She fixed it and they kept going.

When they finally reached the finish line, they found out that they had come in first place! It was a great day for Julie and her dogs.

Read this sentence from the story.
‘Julie’s team of dogs was lined up at the starting gate’.
What does team mean?
friends and family
to join together
many dogs

a group working together

Why did Julie and her dogs win the race?

Use the story to explain your answer.

          The dogs went through a hole but julie fixed all up

Why don’t the dogs freeze in the cold weather?

Julie puts special booties on their feet.

They sleep by the fire at night.

Their thick fur coats keep them warm.

It doesn’t get very cold in Alaska.

Read this sentence from the story.

The dogs’ thick fur coats helped keep them warm in the cold wind and weather.
What does thick mean?





What kind of person is Julie?

Use the story to help explain your answer.

           Julie is a kind person she likes wolfs and is the leader of alaska.

The Star Liama

Llama Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Free photo: Llama, Mammal, Fluffy, Llama Glama - Free Image on ...

nce there was a young Inca boy. He had no family except for an old llama. Each day the boy and his llama walked many miles, looking for a home. Each night they curled up together and slept. But one starry evening, the old llama died. The boy buried his friend next to an icy stream. Then he sat under a tree and cried. What would he do? He had no family and no home.

The boy cried for a very long time. But there was no one to comfort him. There were only the stars in the sky.

Suddenly, the sky filled with bright light. The boy held his breath. He was afraid to move. One bright star fell to the ground. Slowly, the star took the shape of the old llama. She bent her head and drank from the stream. She looked at the boy and smiled. As she jumped back into the sky, bits of llama wool fell.

As the Sun began to rise, the boy picked up the soft, warm wool. It glowed in his hands like starlight. He carried the wool to the city and sold it. With the money, he bought a house. He bought two young llamas. He never forgot the star llama. And he was never lonely again.

Test Questions:

Why does the boy cry when the old llama dies?

because he is afraid of the dark
because he is always sad
because the old llama is his only family
because he is lost

What happened BEFORE the old llama died?

The boy bought two new llamas.
The boy and the llama walked many miles looking for a home.
The boy collected the wool and sold it in the city.
The old llama fell to the ground in the shape of a star.

Read this sentence from the story.

One bright star fell to the ground.
What does bright mean?

a). Old
b). Shiny
c). New
d). Clean

What does the boy in the story want?

a cart
a horse
a new wool shirt

a home

What happens at the end of the story?

The boy buys a house and two llamas.
The boy buries the llama next to an icy stream.
The boy and his llama walk for many miles.
The boy cries for a very long time.

Read this sentence from the story.

As the Sun began to rise, the boy picked up the soft, warm wool.
What does rise mean?
a). Grow darker
b). Fall down
c). Come up
d). Take a step